Manicure at Home course
get the perfect manicure
at home in just 2 hours
manicure and gel polish cover
from square one to Instagram photos

Perfect manicure and gel polish coating without leaving home
results of my students
after 3-4 tries using the course methodology

Manicure at home
a step-by-step program
created specifically for beginners

How to remove
the old coating
Clear video instructions
Watch, repeat and admire the results

How to shape your
nails and cuticles
How to apply
the new coating
Look at the program
Course program
Removing the gel polish with a milling cutter

Removing the gel polish with foil

Classic manicure on both hands

Covering nails with gel polish

Additional lesson of finishing the corners with a polygel

Theoretic video about the nail structure

The list of necessary tools for doing your own nails
Initial investments in tools and materials:

• PHP 800 for a classic manicure
• PHP 2000 for a manicure and gel polish cover
Plans and prices

- Full access to the main modules
8 modules, 16 video instructions, 7 video-hours
- Learning platform
2-month access to the course
- Additional materials
Study guides for each lesson
Price: PHP 2000 PHP 599.
Manicure at Home cours
Telephone number
Manicure at Home course - Basic plan PHP 2 000 PHP 599
100% money back guarantee
If you don't like the course, we will refund your money

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Meet the Course Author

In 10 years, I've managed to open the international school for nail-masters – the NaNails manicure studio, and taught over 50 workshops around the world.

I am a nail artist and teacher of manicures with an extended experience. And I'm tired of seeing so many confusing and even dangerous manicure techniques on the Internet. Girls make lots of mistakes after watching online-tutorials and then doing a manicure on their own. Unskilled nail artists can do a lot of damage too. So I've decided to create a course and teach the girls to do their own nails perfectly.

Hi, I'm Denisa Ivanova
and I've been working as a nail artist since 2011.

In December 2019, I was a speaker at the Intersharm beauty conference

This course will be perfect for you if:
• You do your nails and you're not happy with the results

• You go to the salon too often and overpay

• You go to the nail artist and are tired of adjusting your schedule
You are an active girl and your hands are always in sight
You're a busy mom. And you don't have the time and opportunity to go to the salon
The main benefits of the course
Saving money

a new smartphone every year for the money saved on salons
fresh manicure
when you need it,
without any appointments
no common tools and unexpected illnesses
Treating yourself
fresh nails will cheer you up and give your confidence a boost
Shall we do the math?
Manicure by the nail artist
Manicure at home
The average price for a manicure
is PHP 1000
× for 12 months =
PHP 12,000
every year

This is the price of a new smartphone!
Курс "Маникюр дома" 1500 рублей +
материалы 4500 рублей =
6000 рублей
за салон красоты
у тебя дома

И мы не учли возможный заработок от знакомых
PHP 4000
for your own beauty salon

And a skill that will stay
with you forever
The Manicure at Home course
PHP 2000 +
materials PHP 2000 =

Bonuses and gifts from Denisa
Do you like presents?
I have prepared something for you:

  1. Personal support in the chat

  2. Nail design instructions

  3. Video-lesson on creating a manicure photo for Instagram

  4. Video-lesson on getting your first clients using Instagram
"I think we girls have to look good even at quarantine. So I suggest all of you take a manicure at home course.
It's not an ad, just look at my nails! I would've never thought I could do such a manicure on myself. The course is full of information and really inexpensive."

People are saying about my course:
"A good, clear, detailed course on doing your own nails. I did an awesome manicure from the first time"
"I've never done it so good before. The most important thing is that everything is shown closely and with simple explanations, literally step by step"
"Girls, I've recently taken an online home manicure course. I thought about it for some time and decided to get it because the cost is quite small. I used to do my nails by myself, but not very well.
I was pleasantly surprised with the course. Denisa explains each stage very well and clearly.
If you want to have beautiful nails like mine, sign up for a course, you will not regret it."
"Hello everybody. I would like to tell you about the online course Manicure at Home. I liked the course very much. Everything is described in detail and very thorough. The videos show you how to do it.
I used to do my nails by myself, but after giving birth I didn't have time to go to beauty salons and often had to do a manicure myself.
But I always had a lot of questions about why and at what stage I am doing it wrong, why my coating does not last more than one week. For these questions, I found answers in the online course Manicure at Home.
I also want to note that doing a manicure takes me only two hours. If suddenly I have difficulties, we have a chat where I can ask any question and get an answer. This course is really cool, I advise everyone to take it and do not hesitate."
My students' results:
I've already taught over 1,500 girls, and I'm sure I can teach you as well.
I will help you or refund the money*

*100% money back guarantee.
Just send a letter to and I'll refund you the money.
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